Get To Know Me


My name is Heidi Leavitt and I reside in the quaint, ranching community of Alamo Nevada, with my family.

Art has been apart of me ever since I can remember. In some ways it has defined who I am and how I see the world around me. During these last several years my Husband and I have focused our time and energy on raising our family of 6 children and now 2 grandchildren! Through it all art has been a cherished outlet for me. Most of my projects were random things needed in our community, business signs, book illustrations, wood burned pictures, teaching art to children through 4H and the school, portraits of loved ones and even murals in the schools. I have become the community artist!

However; I reached a point in my life when I felt an inner drive and longing to purse my art. I wanted to learn more about fine art. I began studying with Jon McNaughton. My artistic passion has always been people. My favorite artists are those that are able to capture emotion and movement. I love art because it is a way to touch people and express my heart. I am a Freelance artist and love to do whatever is needed. I can easily reach all Southern Nevada and Southern Utah areas. Always up for the challenge! I hope you'll enjoy my portfolio.